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packing_up's Journal

and moving to NYC
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I made this community because a lot of people have dreams of moving to New York City. I've searched all over looking for tips and advice but nothing beats a personal account.
I want to invite those who are thinking about moving, those who have moved and even native New Yorkers to get us accustomed to live in the Big Apple.
If you've seen "True Life: I'm Moving to New York" and you're like the annoying shopaholic with no brain, then I'd recommend you don't join. It's not that you don't deserve to move there I'd just get really frustrated with you. This is for people who aren't moving with their parents' credit card.
Whether you're moving for school, work, or just because you belong there, anything related to the moving process (before, after and inbetween) is welcome.

In the favorites there are lists(NOTE: THERE WILL BE SOON) of resources I've collected. They're indexed by topic.

Let's actualize our dreams. If we can make it there, we won't need to move anywhere else.